How it works.

YoYoBrain is a platform to make sharing and acquiring knowledge easier for you and a worldwide community of learners and educators.

Create or use existing resources
Add flashcards, notes, documents, audio and video, or compile material from our rich database.
Study with the Memorization Tool
YoYoBrain calculates your optimal pace of learning and reviewing to help you get results in as little time as possible.
Share with friends and colleagues
Easily invite others to help build or learn from your material on YoYoBrain.

Mastery Not Drudgery

YoYoBrain provides a way for learners and educators to organize facts, and put them into context with supporting community and learning tools.

Flashcards & the Memorization Tool

YoYoBrain's Memorization tool will quiz you on flashcards in increments of seven cards at a time - a simple mnemonic device that speeds up information retention. Achieve learning goals with YoYoBrain by either setting a number of flashcards you want to learn each day, or by learning all flashcards by a certain date.

The Power of a Global Community

You. YoYoBrain helps you create, share and organize relevant study materials like flashcards, documents, audio and video files, and provides tools to help you master that content based on your learning style.
The Community. YoYoBrain makes it easy for people to gather together and share knowledge - whether it's students collaborating with classmates, teachers interacting with students, independent learners sharing with other enthusiasts, or companies connecting with employees and channel partners.
The World. As YoYoBrain continues to grow, facts, resources and learning techniques will link together, connecting vast areas of knowledge and forming greater patterns. YoYoBrain will make these patterns visible to the global YoYoBrain community to increase everyone's learning effectiveness.

Making Learning Fun

Research tells us that fun learning is the most effective learning. As students age, schools often cease treating new knowledge as something enjoyable to attain - an attainment can become difficult and painful.

Imagine what would happen if learners were provided with fun ways to attain new knowledge. What if anyone, anywhere in the world could contribute their own tricks, games, processes, and connections which could be shared and tested for effectiveness on YoYoBrain?

YoYoBrain will use the latest research in cognitive science to continuously refine its learning algorithms and user experience. We will provide an API and widgets to allow other programmers and game makers to develop new ways of making learning fun.

YoYoBrain will be a platform that allows the best learning methodologies to be created, improved and shared. The process will allow us, together, to create a platform for anyone to learn or teach anything they want, in the best way possible.

YoYoBrain for Teachers

Combine learning material with social networking features like discussion boards and activity feeds to easily create a comprehensive, online-learning resource for your students - minimal technical knowledge required.
Track activity and content effectiveness from student usage of the YoYoBrain Memorization Tool. Take a Tour! Shows report of which students struggled with the material the most Shows report of which content generated the most problems for students

Create a private, Web 2.0 community to increase learning efficiency and lower training costs

More than a content delivery system. YoYoBrain is an online flashcard system and Memorization tool that facilitates self-testing and goal management for learners.
Reach target groups immediately with interactive community functions.
Track activity and content effectiveness from learner usage of the YoYoBrain Memorization Tool.
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