What People Are Saying About YoYoBrain.com

"...so much faster than making note cards! They stay organized...and with it being so much easier to prepare for tests, I find myself preparing sooner. I can honestly say that on the two tests I have taken, I made A's and did noticeably better. This really really helps me."

-Meredith Ackerman, sophomore, Vanderbilt University
"I put my advertising notes on YoYoBrain....We love it."

- Paige Wingert, senior, Southern Methodist University
"YoYoBrain is an easy way to stay organized...It's helped me in my tests...I had to study for my cultural anthropology midterm, and had probably over 200 vocab words to memorize- it was a lot faster to use yoyobrain to quiz myself, because I could learn a lot more material in less time. The site is easy, and everyone can share their information. It's simple, you don't have to try to find people for notes- you can just search on the site. Other ppl often have note cards on the site that can be used to my advantage. I even use information from other classes, because it's helpful to reference it for papers or other assignments as a source for information- not just memorization."

- Lizze Herbert, junior, Southern Methodist University
"I had a finance test the next day, so I was really happy when my friend shared her flashcards with me- I was able to click on the link in her email and start studying...It was cool that I could find test information, and also that the site would actually quiz me so I could memorize better"

- Cate Biggs, senior, Southern Methodist University

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